Collaborate Seamlessly with GIB's Sales & Operations Planning Tools

Efficiently manage your demand, optimize your inventory, and balance your supply.

Our Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) tools enable teams from different functions to work together within a single system, instantly connecting supply chain planning with operational execution for maximum efficiency. With increased transparency, company-wide synchronization becomes easier.


Track KPIs and find bottlenecks, both in current operations and in simulations or demand forecasts.


Combine different data sources to forecast based on needs beyond what standard SAP can support.


Empower different supply chain functions to achieve their desired results by working synergistically.


Improve internal cross-functional collaboration and visibility into supply chain operations.

Demand Planning

  • Plant planning
  • Sales planning
  • Custom hierarchy
  • Bottom-up, top-down,
    and middle-out planning

Inventory Optimization

  • Potential analysis
  • ABC/XYZ analysis
  • Replenishment lead time monitor
  • Mass data maintenance

MRP Operations

  • Cross-plant planning
  • Missing parts management
  • Exception handling
  • Bulk workbench
  • PO bundling

Production Planning

  • Multiple planning strategies
  • Capacity sequencing
  • Set-up time adjustment
  • Dynamic inventory key figure calculation
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"Because GIB lives in the SAP HANA environment, it’s really just a couple of transports and you’re ready to go. It’s a very light footprint from that perspective. You can get up and running in days. With other products, you’re looking at months - and you’re either looking at having to do a lot of integration or a lot of configuration just to get to the point where you use the product. With GIB, it’s really literally days."

Mark Thome / Global IT Director, Zinpro Corporation