Instant Operational Insight With Modern Fiori Design

Details In One Click

Users can easily access detailed information on materials with just one click, making it easier to identify trends and plan inventory levels. With a single material, selection, or the entire list of functionalities at your disposal, you can work efficiently and effectively. More advanced processing and comprehensive evaluations are easily accessible.

Multi-level Views And Filters

View material stocks from a variety of perspectives, including individual materials and aggregated overviews. Easily filter results by day, week, or month. Access different bill of materials (BOM) levels quickly with a drop-down menu. Export files to Excel and pick the desired BOM usage for sales, manufacturing or engineering purposes.

SAP Launchpad Access

From the SAP Launchpad, users can quickly access material overviews, multi-level material overviews, customer field configurations, and setup options.

MRP View XLNce Benefits

Streamline your supply chain and take total control over your material flows with MRP View XLNce.

Save Time And Money

Save time and money associated with efficient display and analysis of material stock, thanks to a single window view of all relevant data.

Improve Planning Reliability

A clear overview of upcoming inventory levels helps users plan more accurately and make more reliable decisions for their business needs.

Increase Transparency

All essential information is in a single window, allowing users to quickly identify any issues or potential risks with their supply chain operations.