Manage, monitor, and optimize key performance indicators for maximum operational efficiency in supply chain management

With in-depth insights, you can quickly adjust your supply chain procedures to meet the needs at every level of business. You'll be able to make informed decisions that drive better outcomes while staying ahead of potential disruptions with powerful analytics.

  • Higher planning accuracy
  • Optimal inventory levels
  • Maximized fulfillment rate
  • Stable follow-up processes
  • Higher process quality
  • Minimized supply risk
  • Consistent delivery capability
  • Fewer disruptions
  • Less waste
  • Fewer complaints


The greatest benefit is the transparency. We make operational processes much more transparent and therefore understand the results behind core processes. This is much more useful than simply letting a process play out without knowing what the result is or ought to be.

André Mahr
B.PRO Group

Gain deeper insight into your processes

SCX shines a spotlight on your supply chain by gathering data from SAP sources and displaying five fundamental Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These KPIs cover the various stages of demand planning, inventory management, procurement, manufacturing, and sales and distribution.

  • Monitor and evaluate the different processes within your supply chain to ensure progress
  • Accurately keep track of data that keeps KPI values relevant
  • Ensure all stakeholders have access to fresh, accurate information
  • Optimize process performance and improve data maintenance over time
  • Compare your company's or plant's progress to other sectors
  • Enable sales planners and inventory / requirements planners to compare data collaboratively

Measure the quality of your
supply chain processes

SCX operates off ifm's APEO Principle, a cyclical process of Analysis, Planning, Execution, and Optimization that allows businesses to remain ahead in today's ever-changing landscape characterized by price fluctuations, technological advances, market shifts, and legislative reforms. This framework provides users with clarity on how best to stay prepared for impending changes while advancing their operations.

With each incoming order, the validity of your planning grows, helping you anticipate any roadblocks and monitor potential obstacles before they become real issues. You're able to proactively refine and update current plans as well as those for upcoming cycles, ensuring accuracy throughout the entire process.