Product description

Build precise plans based on your true capacities and cater to any specific requirements with flexibility and transparency without compromising production. The drag-and-drop simulation feature further enhances scheduling methods by allowing you to view a graphical representation of your capacity situation before implementation so additional orders can be included if necessary.


  • View capacity load utilization for any area, group, department, or the entire plant
  • View missing part, exceptions, PRT, and conflicts at a glance
  • Reschedule in alternative work centers via drag & drop
  • Leverage confirmations during all stages of production
  • Early-warning system for capacity bottlenecks

Efficiently Manage Your Production Orders with Our SAP® Integrated Scheduling System

Easily view capacity load utilization for any area, group, department, or even the entire plant in a hierarchical structure at a glance.

  • Specific Planning Scenarios

The ability to plan for specific scenarios is fundamental in various production and administrative areas. Our solution divides production into planning and information departments to make this process easier, including direct or indirect operations as well as specialized plans like square meter, piece or hectoliter-based preparations.

  • Easy Capacity Adjustments

With easy adjustments to capacity for various reasons like outages, plant holidays, or special shifts, effects can be highlighted and managed quickly. Even the integration of traditional tasks is given with features like converting, approving, and printing planned orders; scheduling acknowledgment messages; and exceptions related to missing parts; global availability; COGI processing, and so on — all detectable and editable in a few clicks.

Experience Streamlined Production Planning with SAP® Integration

  • Set-up optimization
  • Early-warning system for capacity bottlenecks
  • Missing parts, exceptions, PRT, and conflicts at a glance
  • Automatic triggers for quick remediation and safe guarding


You know the classification of your materials better than anyone. With ifm, you can determine this individually, always have your inventory numbers in sight, and complete your master data maintenance quickly and easily.

Sascha Barbas
Controlling & Operations Manager