Product description

Our SAP® integrated procurement software is an easy-to-use supply chain planning solution that simplifies materials planning. Customize consumption requirements, view bills of materials, and easily transform planned orders and purchase requisitions.The software's adjustable layout and preconfigured default formats make analyzing MRP data quick and easy. Manage your responsibilities with a single overview and store all your data in one place for an efficient and organized workflow.


  • Set tailored restrictions and warnings for critical materials
  • Seamlessly navigate through your master data, inventory levels, and MRP information with a user-friendly interface
  • Display messages, alerts, and purchase details in a clear and systematic manner for maximum transparency
  • Display cross-plant views for single materials, BOM explosions, or where-used lists
  • Release planned orders and purchase requisitions with ease

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Understand and oversee critical business details

Our procurement software provides a tremendous advantage to those managing material requirements planning, offering time-saving efficiency by aggregating information and allowing users to initiate multiple transactions from a single screen.

  • Period Detail Display

Also called "MD04 on steroids" by current customers, MRP controllers can easily keep track of their responsibilities with additional viewing options and simulation capabilities. View open purchase orders, customer orders, reservations, requirements, and the quantity of units for a material that should be available in future periods based on open items.

  • Dynamic Layouts

Dynamic layouts makes daily tasks easier for employees. It allows you to adjust the layout of the tool to fit your individual needs and comes with preconfigured formats to quickly analyze MRP data.

  • Timeline Views

View all relevant information in a timeline, including receipts and issues, requirements, and planned orders. This feature can be drilled down to the day, week, or month level for both individual materials and material groups. You can also simulate different requirement scenarios or receipt conditions, which is helpful for anticipating upcoming changes.

Manage material requirements planning in one place

  • Access, analyze, and review MRP data, graphs, tables, and SAP documents
  • Customize and monitor consumption requirements
  • Define customer-specific ranges, traffic lights, and exceptions
  • Extract and manipulate a multitude of reports


With ifm's procurement software, the long search for materials planning processes has come to an end. As a result, you can work in a goal-oriented and significantly more efficient manner.

Volker Blochl
Vice Director, ifm business solutions