Product description

Our inventory optimization software provides the visibility, quality, and granularity essential for quick decision-making in SAP. This ensures that teams can communicate inventory entitlement efficiently and planners make swift and efficient decisions regarding stock levels across multiple warehouses. Industries dealing with intricate operations, dynamic markets, and vast amounts of products will find the most value from this vastly dynamic inventory optimization tool.


  • Configure key figures to meet your particular needs
  • Categorize materials with ABC and XYZ analysis
  • Unify product lifecycles to maximize efficiency and optimize results
  • Simulate MRP parameters and understand their potential affects
  • Maximize inventory potential with a range of coverage matrix
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of a strategy before putting it into action
  • Streamline the selection of plant and material numbers
  • Create and manage material groups
  • Utilize rule sets and decision trees

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Understand and oversee the business drivers behind your inventory

Stay one step ahead of possible risks and spot potential opportunities with insightful metrics and easy-to-interpret visuals. This will allow you to prioritize activities within your supply chain while also granting you a full overview of how stock is being managed. Utilizing visuals and graphs can help you quickly identify the best decision, allowing you to stay organized and on top of your tasks, ultimately resulting in a more productive process.

  • Key Figure Ranking

Key figure ranking offers a unique ability to compare the highest performing stocks from different categories. Each dynamic key figure featured can be chosen individually, giving you custom insights into your desired stock metrics.

  • Inventory Dashboard

The inventory dashboard streamlines stock management and order processing, as well as parts controlling by integrating them into a single application. By specifying certain parameters such as capital turnover and range, you can apply an automated set of rules to generate the optimum recommendations for your plan's parameters.

  • Replenishment Lead Time Monitor

The replenishment lead time monitor coordinates material refill times with existing requirements and also analyzes past consumption to find opportunities for optimization. It's not uncommon to uncover, for example, an astonishing 392 materials being stored beyond the 120-day period when they could have been replaced within 10 days! The potential here is remarkable.

An efficient, effective, and sustainable approach to evaluate potential inventory risks

  • Make better and faster decisions on how inventory should be managed
  • Reduce inventory levels and improve inventory optimization across multiple sites
  • Optimize inventory levels by matching customer demand
  • Recognize excess inventory in other locations and improve customer fulfillment

The rule-based framework adapts to many criteria such as distribution channels, product lifecycles (LRODI), inherent value (ABC), consistency (XYZ) and more. With preconfigured industry content rules optimized for maximum profitability, organizations can gain an immediate market advantage by leveraging this versatile tool.

We can help you streamline stock management and scheduling, as well as parts controlling by integrating them into a single application. By specifying certain parameters such as capital turnover and range, you can apply an automated set of rules to generate optimal recommendations for your plan's parameters.

With the help of simulation mode you can predict how predefined rule-based systems will influence stock and supply readiness. This analysis covers individual materials as well as larger aggregations or even entire facilities. Simulation mode is a powerful learning tool that enables you to explore the impact of various planning characteristics, lot-sizing procedures (Andler, Groff, etc.) and configured certainties with accuracy and confidence.

With our SAP® integrated inventory management software, you can easily optimize your inventory levels and boost supply readiness. It allows for goal-driven navigation with inventory key indicators that provide decision-relevant transparency.

The outcome? Optimized, well-stocked inventory with maximum supply efficiency.


You know the classification of your materials better than anyone. With ifm, you can determine this individually, always have your inventory numbers in sight, and complete your master data maintenance quickly and easily.

Sascha Barbas
Controlling & Operations Manager, Operativ