Product Description

Make more informed business decisions with GIB Forecast, the demand planning software that consolidates and evaluates data from sales, marketing, finance, and external sources. Our reliable database and advanced forecast models provide you with comprehensive insights, while our workflow and alert features guarantee optimal forecasting performance.

Why Choose GIB Forecast?

  • Evaluate forecast accuracy after execution 
  • Continuous optimization of production plans with rolling sales planning 
  • Planning at the lowest level
  • Simulation tool to predict impacts on workflows or capacities
  • Create planning nodes from alternative sub-systems

Forecast Based On A True Reflection Of Sales Orders, Not Ideal Targets

Our comparison matrix helps you identify discrepancies in your forecasts by comparing past performance with future estimates and customer projections. With GIB Forecast, you can prioritize and address major exceptions first, ensuring higher quality forecasts and transparency with P&L objectives for all stakeholders.

GIB/DCF software screenshot

Higher Forecast Accuracy, Higher Service Levels, Less Inventory 

  • Plan demand at the lowest level of business and aggregate results up
  • Efficiently cycle through the demand planning process on a monthly or weekly basis
  • Maintain overarching responsibility while all business stakeholders provide input
  • Drive overall forecasting improvements and standardization


Before human staff gets involved, automated processes have loaded the data, then run forecast models and outlier analysis against it. Staff just shows up, and they can start actually doing value-added tasks of getting the data right.

Ross Fasco
SAP Supply Chain Architect, Agilent Technologies

More Than Just A Forecasting Tool

With flexible planning hierarchies and distinct organizational roles, every department can form its vision of forecasted demand while still understanding the goals and tasks of other divisions. GIB Forecast is designed to help you succeed with powerful methods for creating realistic forecast estimations and ensuring a true representation of your current sales market state.

GIB/DCF software screenshot