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We're dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes build synchronized, reliable, and efficient supply chain processes. It's an ongoing journey that will never truly be finished; however it's a mission worth committing to for any business. We'll help you start streamlining your daily work in SAP so you can focus on what matters most - your business.


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Helping You Maintain An Effective And Efficient Supply Chain

Our mission is to bring simplicity to complex supply chain processes and empower businesses with a competitive edge. Founded in 1992, our tools to help companies accomplish and scale their supply chain improvement goals have developed over the years, but we remain relentless in developing a service that delivers supply chain excellence.

Why ifm

SAP Process Integration Specialists

We are devoted to making sure your supply chain operates effortlessly and efficiently, with timely access to accurate data and adequate materials. To accomplish our mission, we provide both top-notch SAP software and reliable consulting services.

While there may be other legitimate vendors offering demand planning or inventory management, no other software provider links together all of these components, or even integrates them into SAP, like we do.


Supply Chain Software For Better Visibility In SAP

GIB software offers an integrated approach to streamlining demand planning, production scheduling, procurement processes, and inventory control for superior efficiency.

Even those with basic business knowledge understand that connecting these functions with a shared database is essential to optimizing overall business operations. With GIB, this has never been easier or more efficient – make sure you find the right tool for your supply chain today.

ifm's GIB Platform

GIB makes it easy for different supply chain functions to work together - from demand planners, to MRP controllers, buyers, production schedulers, and management.

Demand Planning

Our demand planning software has everything you need to build a full consensus demand plan that not only produces higher quality forecasts but achieves alignment with P&L objectives. 

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Our inventory optimization software includes an extensive set of tools to boost order fulfillment, reduce inventory levels, and improving purchasing decisions. 

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Our purchasing software makes it easy to manage your MRP, quickly process orders, simulate purchasing impact, and manage procurement and production cohesively.

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Our production planning software is flexible for planners, powerful for schedulers, and gives maintenance and the shop floor a personalized, secure experience.

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GIB SCX utilizes SAP S/4HANA's capabilities through Supply Chain Excellence (SCX) software to bring advanced levels of supply chain management without any disruption.

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GIB is a truly unique tool that integrates seamlessly with SAP and provides added flexibility, while still operating independently from your existing SAP organization.

Emanuel Huwa / Senior Forecast Consultant

GIB Sales & Development