Keep up with demand and supply variability

Improve your supply chain planning process with faster decision-making and optimized demand and supply management

Optimize supply chain operations in SAP® with integrated visibility

Unlock transparency and better decision-making with centralized data, custom dashboards, and real-time alerts that keep you on top of all your processes.

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Connect, collaborate, and synchronize supply chain operations inside SAP®

Break down silos and bridge gaps between departments. Connect teams, drive standardization, and collaborate effectively with stakeholders to achieve better planning, forecasting, and inventory management.

Drive operational efficiency with faster, more accurate decision-making

Transform complex processes into streamlined workflows with real-time insights into demand forecasts, production schedules, inventory levels, and material requirements planning.

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Achieve faster and more efficient supply chain planning processes within SAP®

Gain transparency

Get the insights you need to make decisions with confidence. Keep track of requirements, POs, master data, production schedules, warehouse returns, sales orders, and customer demand with custom dashboards.

Synchronize processes

Centralize all your work, processes, and tools in SAP. Connect teams, bridge silos, maintain one source of truth, drive standardization, and collaborate effectively across your organization.

Improve forecast accuracy

Forecast demand monthly or weekly and quickly adjust when any changes arise from suppliers or customers. Track sales order trends with precision down to the individual customer level.

Avoid stock-out situations

Collaborate effectively organization-wide to get a clear picture of all your work. Stay in the loop with real-time visibility and custom alerts.

Streamline production

Get the insights you need to make decisions with confidence. Keep track of maintenance, working times, and actuals with custom dashboards.

Boost delivery capabilities

Synchronize processes across stakeholders to improve delivery capability and reliability while reducing transportation and scheduling costs.

SAP-integrated Supply Chain Planning Solutions for SAP® S/4HANA, SAP® Cloud, and SAP® ECC

Forecasting and Demand Planning

Demand planning software to help you forecast demand monthly, make adjustments when changes arise from suppliers or customers, and track sales order trends down to the individual customer level.

  • Distribute forecast requirements based on sales inputs
  • Allow buyers to place POs based on a combination of actual/forecast demand
  • Override and add promotional/marketing values, plus outlier correction

Procurement and Sourcing

Procurement software to help you establish an efficient purchasing process. Instantly review quantity details, and optimize loading equipment, ranges, and restrictions with just a few clicks.

  • Straightforward calculation formulas to expedite ordering procedures
  • Simplified reporting tool you can use in place of multiple SAP reports
  • Optimize loading equipment, ranges, and restrictions with just a few clicks

Inventory Optimization

Inventory management software to help you streamline your inventory operations. Optimize purchasing decisions and order fulfillment while creating an efficient system to adjust inventory levels based on customer demand and appropriate warehouse quantities.

  • Improve inventory optimization across multiple sites
  • Optimize inventory by matching customer demand and adjust inventory levels systematically
  • Start driving harmonized analytics with one dashboard to access multiple sources of information

Manufacturing and Capacity Planning

Production scheduling software to help you streamline production tasks, respond to changes on the shop floor as they happen, and schedule in real-time, while effortlessly connecting SAP systems for a seamless workflow.

  • View capacity load utilization for any area, group, department, or the entire plant
  • View missing part, exceptions, PRT, and conflicts at a glance
  • Reschedule in alternative work centers via drag & drop

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